MBK Showroom

Our showroom is available by appointment only because sometimes we’re out in the field and cannot open the showroom for you and our showroom does not contain samples or displays of every item available on our Web site.

Here’s why: We are not a retail office furniture company; we are a contract furniture dealership. That means that we typically work from project to project and maintain a new office furniture catalog for the convenience of our clients.

So, when a company is expanding and needs 10 or 100 workstations, we can supply the rest of their office furniture needs for chairs, desks, credenzas as well. We even have a selection of office art that might be just what you’re looking for.
Question: Does that mean I can’t buy from you if I only need a few chairs or just one filing cabinet?

Answer: Not at all. It just means that we are not set up like a typical office supply store with a huge showroom that contains a lot of sample items. Plus, we’re not always available to open the showroom.
The bottom line is please just give us a call if you want to come down and we can set a time to have the showroom open or let you know if the item is available for viewing.