About MBK Office

MBK Office takes pride in being a small company with big capabilities who are able to respond quickly to your need to set up an office or expand and change the one you have.

Our goal is to get you the best quality of used office furniture at the lowest price in the shortest amount of time so that you can get your business rolling with a minimum amount of disruption.

Our company leadership has a unique combination of experience that has led to a fresh and effective approach to getting your project from design to completion in the minimum amount of time without sacrificing quality.

Meet The team

Mitch Kent – With over 40 years in construction services, specializing in new construction, high end hotel renovation, and commercial office environments, Mitch is qualified to meet our customers’ needs from end to end. Mitch has no less than 5 contractor’s classifications and is a Certified Project Manager with credentials from UCI. The wealth of knowledge he brings to the team equips us to plan, schedule, and control your project like only a few larger, and very expensive, firms in the industry.

Beverly Kent – Brings over 30 years experience in Operations Management and has developed Warehouse Operations, Front Office procedures and is responsible for all of the company’s Inventory Control and Accounting. Beverly’s attention to detail and organizational skills have allowed us to develop procedures that produce timely and accurate results consistently.

Comprehensive Services

MBK Office is able to provide a comprehensive package which includes Complete or Partial Renovation Services. Our Contractor’s License has the following classifications:

  • + B1-General Building Contractor
  • + C15-Flooring and Floor Covering
  • + C33-Painting and Decorating
  • + C54-Tile (Ceramic and Mosaic)
  • + D34-Prefabricated Equipment

Because of our blend of qualifications and experience, we’re able to more efficiently and economically provide the multiple services you need. Follow this link to confirm our credentials.